Cotton White Color On Brown Cowhide Rug

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Cotton White Color On Brown Cowhide Rug

Each cow hide is pictured individually. This means what you see is what you will get.


>>> Best on Floors
>>>Hung On Walls
>>>Used for making wallets and Purse

Cowhides are a great fashion statement. These are great, low maintenance sturdy rugs that will complement your home and last a lifetime!

Method 1
Keeping up with Regular Cleaning
>>>Vacuum the rug
>>>Shake the rug off.
>>>Rotate the rug.
>>>Brush the rug.
>>>Do not get your cowhide rug wet.
Method 2
Removing Liquid Stains
>>>Removing Liquid Stains
>>>Scrape away dried matter.
>>>Use shampoo and water to remove liquid stains
>>>Finish cleaning the cowhide rug
>>>Do not use dry-cleaning or machine washing.

If your rug starts to develop a smell over time, simply sprinkle your rug with a powder that contains deodorizers. Let it sit for a prescribed time and then vacuum clean to suck it all up.

Method 3
Removing Food or Grease Stains
>>>Scrape away solid matter
>>>Dab the area in eucalyptus oil.
>>>Wipe with a damp sponge.